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Mary Rose

HDSgreentech projects include;

2018 Shaftsbury Avenue
Refurbishment of a 10 story 17,900 m2 office block in the centre of London that is being fitted out for occupancy by Facebook. HDSgreentech undertook dynamic cooling and heat loads calculations.

2018 Aviation House
Refurbishment of a 10 story 16,700 m2 office block in the centre of London that is being fitted out. HDSgreentech undertook dynamic cooling and heat load calculations

2018/2019 West Downs (£18M)
New build University of Winchester building circa 7500 m2. HDSgreentech have undertaken Heat and Cooling fabric loads, Dynamic thermal comfort study and L2A as designed work.

2018/2019 Les Quennevais School – Jersey (£26M)
New build Secondary School on Jersey circa 13,000 m2. HDSgreentech have undertaken dynamic thermal comfort study to assist with services design. All windows are closed and an NVHR system has been proposed so HDS have worked with designers to ensure flow rates are sufficient.

2018/2019 Dove House
Extension to an existing Special Educational Needs School. HDS undertook a thermal comfort assessment based on TM52 and BB102 and L2A as designed works.

2018 Brambridge Garden Centre
Existing garden centre 3000 m2. HDSgreentech surveyed building and undertook EPC works.

2018/2019 Plumstead Library
Refurbishment and extension of a historic building in the centre of London. HDS duties included assessment for steady state heating and cooling fabric gains, dynamic thermal comfort, L2A and EPC.

2018/2019 Wallingford (£20M)
New build retirement village circa 10,500 m2. HDS duties were to undertake a TM59 assessment, advise on window opening and glass specification.

2016/2017 Marwell Tropical House (£5M)
New build Tropical House at zoological garden. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on client brief and Part L2A and EPC. This unique project did not fit into set standards due to the unique nature of the project. We worked with the design team to ensure the client requirements were achieved and that the spirit of the building regulations were achieved.

New build Tropical House at zoological garden

2016/2018 Chichester Free School (£40M)
Refurbishment of a derelict nunnery and extension to create a new combined Primary and Secondary School. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM52 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2016/2019 Hove Schools (£40M)
New build Primary and Secondary schools. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM52 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2016/2017 Kingston Road Student Accommodation (£25M)
New build 264 bed student accommodation. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM52 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2017/2018 Cumberland Place (£20M)
New build 206 bed student accommodation. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM59 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2017/2018 Countess of Brecknock (£5M)
New build hospice, extension to an existing Hospital. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM59 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2017 Baverstock (£750k)
A development of two new build houses. Undertook shading study to review if the surrounding trees would allow for sufficient direct light into the proposed development gardens.

2017 Lymington Road
Redevelopment of an existing site. Daylight Impact study to demonstrate the likely impact on surrounding building in line with BREEAM guidance, to assist with planning.

2014/2016 Cross Rail Shared Shafts – Limmo, Stephney Green, Fisher Street (£100M)
Three circa five storey sub-terrain buildings to house plant and escape routes for the London Underground. HDS duties included undertaking detailed thermal modelling to ensure that specific design conditions are meet based on ground effect, plant loading and ventilation issues. Assisting with deign development and optimisation of thermal service sizing.

2016 Cabot Square
Refurbishment of skyscraper in Canary Wharf, undertook heat load and cooling load analysis

2016 Woolwich Catholic Club (£40M)
New build development, 13 storey, consisting of 65 dwellings and a gym and swimming pool. Duties were to produce the energy statement and sustainability statement to meet the requirements of the London Plan. Work included L2A as design calculations, SAP calculations and BREEAM pre-assessment that was used in the production of the sustainability and energy statement. Proposed scheme included for central plant for the domestic and non-domestic that was led CHP unit and gas fired boilers, with a small PV array on the roof.

2015/2016 Eastleigh College Block F (£6M)
New build office and teaching facility. Undertook thermal comfort assessment based on TM52 adaptive thermal comfort and Part L2A and EPC.

2014/2016 Five Rivers Leisure centre (£10M)
Extension and major refurbishment of an existing sports centre. New admin and community services block added to the existing building and significant areas of the building were refurbished. Duties undertaken L2A calculations and daylight review for the new building. New and existing building assessed for overheating potential overheating issues and EPC for the full building.

2015/2016 Acorn Retail (£15M)
New build – 3 large shell and core retail units. Duties undertake L2A and EPC shell and core compliance.

2015/2016 Markham Street (£200K)
House extension in Chelsea, HDS were appointed to assess if a proposed house extension would have a negative impact on daylight to neighbouring properties. Assessment was undertaken in line with BRE guide lines that showed the proposed development was not the prevailing shading factor and was not anticipated to negatively affect daylight levels.

2015 St Marys Road (£6M)
A large new house was proposed by a developer north of neighbouring property. HDS undertook an assessment that showed that the proposed development would have an adverse impact on the daylight levels to primary living spaces. The report was submitted as part of an objection to the developer planning application, leading to the development being changed to be more sympathetic to the neighbouring property.

2015 RNLI – All weather life boat centre (£20M)
New lifeboat manufacturing facility, undertook the part L2A and EPC as built assessment.

2015 The Keep (£25M)
The Keep was a new build archive in West Sussex, with a range of facilities, including storage, restoration and public reference library. Undertook a due diligence check on energy predictions, based on information available at the time and comparing against TM54.

2014/ 2015 Narrow Quay (£10M)
Refurbishment of an existing office block. Undertook steady state, heating and cooling load calculations and the as built EPC.

2014 London Academy (£6M)
New build primary School in London. Undertook thermal modelling, daylight, LZCT study and L2A as designed calculations.

2014 Reading Wheel House (£5M)
New build network rail train maintenance facility. Undertook L2A and thermal overheating assessment.

Damian's project experience includes;

2013/14 ARK John Keats Academy (£20M) - Enfield, London
New build and significant refurbishment Undertook block modeling and advised on likely compliance issues during the bid stage and during detailed planning, advised on compliance, planning and BREEAM issues associated with energy. Undertook the L2A as designed calculation and LZCT study for the building.

2012/14 Duke of York Royal Military Boarding School (£20M) - Dover, Kent
Wide spread redevelopment and expansion of an existing boarding school to increase capacity from 400 to 800 students. Advised on energy, planning and building compliance. Undertaking design stage Part L compliance and the balance in new and existing build. Responsible for coordinating building control issues and working with the building control officer to find sensible approaches to compliance. Undertook LZCT study, which included a serious consideration of anaerobic digestion considering the quantity of grass and food waste on site. Final scheme was a district heating scheme CHP lead.Involved from design concept to completion.

2003/13 Mary Rose - The New Museum - Portsmouth, Hampshire
Use of computational software to undertake Computational Fluid dynamic simulations and thermal analysis of the space to maximise air movement and maintain strict design criteria. Undertook Part L compliance and EPC works and agreed sensible routes to compliance with building control for a unique building.

2010/13 Ashmount Primary School (BREEAM Project of the year 2012) (£7M) - Crouch Hill, London
Mix of new build primary school, renovated derelict building to Community center and connection of heating to existing tenanted block social housing flats in center of London. Significant work involving negation with CIBSE (EPC scheme administrator) reference the interpretation of Carbon offsetting on the existing social housing to put the carbon benefit on new primary school and community Centre. Both buildings have A+ EPC’s registered with landmark.

2009 Berthon Boatyard - Lymington, Hampshire
Berthon Boatyard is an industrial boatyard in a coastal location. The owners were looking at a financial investment with a good return, they had been approached by a PV supplier selling the virtues of a PV system as a good investment. Ramboll was appointed to undertake an independent feasibility study to review the viability of retro-fitting a large PV array over 6 buildings across the site. Key issues included energy predictions, payback periods, income generation, health and safety issues, structural loads, building services integration and issues associated with salt corrosion from the coastal location.

2008/09 Swan Centre (£15M) - Eastleigh, Hampshire
L2A assessment of new design and build speculative occupancy retail units.

2007/11 The Novium Chichester District Museum (£6.5M) - Chichester, West Sussex
New build, review and advice on building strategies, thermal modelling, daylighting, analysis build regulation and renewable strategies. Detailed assessment of the pros and cons of open loop GSHP.

2006/08 Crawley Library - West Sussex
New library and civic offices building opened in 2008. A landmark design, it is currently the most sustainable building in West Sussex. The building adopts low carbon fuel in the form of woodchip biomass for heating.

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